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A Correct Lighting Level By Daylight Linked Control
When the amount of daylight in an office room increases or decreases,lights on the window side of the office room are automatically regulated without disturbing the occupants. When enough daylight enters the office the lights are switched off (second alternative). The lights are switched on again when the amount of entering daylight is insufficient. This solution always ensures a correct lighting level. Application of this system results in a substantial energy saving at the window side (up to 70%*). A TRIOS unit, in combination with a light sensor, realises the described solution. The system is powered via a conventional mains switch beside the door. Philips’ TRIOS system is easy to install. In short: a flexible, comfortable and energy-saving lighting solution.
Energy saving
The total energy saving of this application depends on the amount of daylight entering, the window surface and the use of the sun-blinds. Also an important factor is the compensation of excess lighting levels caused by overdesign of the lighting system (e.g. 600 lux installed, 500 lux required) This overdesign is because of decreasing light output due to depreciation of the lamps and soiling of the luminaires.Another reason for the excess lighting levels can be related to design or engineering (e.g. a uniform lighting level).Regulating the window-side lights by daylight, results in an energy saving of up to 50%* at the window side.When the window-side lights are also switched on and off by daylight, the energy saving comes up to
70%* at the window side. Flexibility The first alternative, (only) regulating by daylight, can also be applied for more than one office room on the same floor and side of the building with the same components needed for one office room(!).
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